Quality Assurance Program

Approach to Quality Assurance

Sharpvue Quality Assurance approach is based on enterprise documented processes and procedures, frequent quality audits, proactive risk assessment and mitigation, and continual customer feedback.  This approach has been consistently utilized in the performance of past contracts to achieve and maintain customer and contract-specified standards of performance, in addition to the more stringent standards imposed by our own leadership staff.

The System focuses on four key areas to ensure that quality performance is achieved and maintained: Management Responsibility, Resource Management, Product Delivery, and Measurement of Results. Exhibit Arts utilizesthis system on all of our contracts to ensure optimal quality and service delivery

Quality Assurance Plan

The overall goal of the Quality AssurancePlan is designed to achieve quality results by focusing on the four key areas.The objective of the Plan is to achieve acceptable quality levels in the performance areas as defined by the Contract, Task Order, and/or Performance Requirements Summary by ensuring the following:

  • Ensure all services and products are provided at a level of quality that meets customer standards

  • Maintain a level of project work performance and product capabilities that meet or esceed customer standards and satisfaction

  • Ensure acceptable level of project work performance through quality assessment and review

  • Ensure a proactive and timely manner to provide a mechanism for corrective action

  • Ensure overall quality effecdtiveness of program management and technical/functional support services

  • Maintain adequate documentation of all activities to provide cradle-to-grave accountability

Monitoring and MEasurement of Quality and Performance Metrics

Sharpvue utilizes a variety of individual, supervisor, manager, and team or group tools processes, and methods for monitoring and measuring quality and performance metrics, including Customer Site Representative feedback and site visits.  Quality performance is also consistently monitored and measured via metrics, and hands-on involvement of executive leadership.


Additionally, Program Managers (PM) are responsible for supervising the performance of all employees at the work locations under their assigned areas of responsibility.  Regular communication with deployed staff (verbal and through email and teleconferencing) will ensure that the PM receives employee feedback regarding workload, assignments, and overall performance status. Additionally, the Program Manager may review work products, to ensure adherence to performance standards, etc. Feedback from the customer site representative or Government Representative is obtained as part of this supervisory function.  


Quality Assurancedocumentation is stored at corporate offices in Charlotte, NC  Documentation is maintained throughout the length of the Contract/Task Order.

Our Quality Assurance Program is administered as an independent function of the organization throughout the duration of Contract/Task Order effort, to avoid conflicts of interest and ensure unbiased evaluation.  To ensure that the Plan is successfully implemented, a designated Quality Assurance Manager is responsible for establishing, implementing, and monitoring all Quality Assurance processes foreach project.

As risks or potential issues to quality performance are identified, the QA Manager and Program Manager work together to develop a corrective action plan to resolve or mitigate those risks or issues, with the Program Manager reporting status of the resolution plan to the Sharpvue CRM until complete resolution is achieved.