Sharpvue Hosted Cloud Video VMS

Solution Overview

Designed for the home & business customer seeking maximum flexibility in their choices of cameras and locations. 

The Sharpvue Hosted Cloud Video VMS solution provides 100% cloud management, 100% mobile and web browser viewing, and if you want - 100% cloud recording.  NO need for ANY onsite hardware or even a gateway controller onsite.  You can click and add a camera at any time, with just a simple internet connection.  Pay only for what you need.  It eliminates all the headaches of traditional NVR/DVR systems.  No Software to buy and install, no license keys, and no OS to maintain. 

Shapvue Video Apple iTunes iOS
Sharpvue Video Android Mobile App
Trash DVR Analog and NVR
Open Platform

Open Platform

Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly


Any Browser

Edge Storage

Edge Storage

Camera Health Check

Camera Health Check

Any Camera

Any IP Camra

Bring Your Own Camera

Sharpvue allows you to add any IP or Analog Camera.  No Restrictions!

  • The platform supports plug & play cameras such as Amcrest, Axis Hanwha and Foscam. more....

  • Port forwarded solutions with premium API integrations include Vivotek, Sony, Hikvision, Axis, Hanwha & Foscam.

  • Support for H.264 & FTP.

  • You can also use your camera with other local recording devices.

  • No Proprietary equipment like Nest, Canary or others.  If you don't like it, switch!

iPhone & Android

Access and control of your entire Hosted Video Solution from your phone.

Our Mobile Apps let you see what's going on from anywhere and at anytime.  You can look into your businesses with one login.  Simple and easy to use design with a user friendly dyanmic screen.


We truly set the bar high when it comes to our Mobile App development, standards.  

Shapvue Video Apple iTunes iOS
Sharpvue Video Android Mobile App
Shapvue iOS Mobile
iPhone X
Shapvue iOS Mobile
Mac Air
Sharpvue Web Browser

Any Web Browser

Access and control from any computer on any web browser.

The web browser lets you see multiple cameras at a time and create customized layouts.  Never lose track of your employees or kids.  


Dynamic views and have all your cameras under one layout without any additional hardware at each location.

Internet Explorer

Edge Storage

Edge storage is a technology used that enalbes video recording directly to an onboard SD card or a network-attached storage (NAS) device.  

Sharpvue's platform allows users to configure edge storage devices for:


  • Bandwidth optimization

  • Internet outages - fail-over - redundancy

  • Higher resolution recording

  • Longer retention 

  • And more....

Qnap NA

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Sandisk SD

SD Card

iMac Sharpvue
Push Notifications
Camera Health Alert
Email Notification

Camera Health Check & Alerts

Let Sharpvue tell you when there's a problem with one of your cameras.  If our cloud servers can't connect to your camera, you'll receive an alert that something could be wrong.

Traditional DVR's are notorious for failing and not notifying you that the system is down and offline.  You find out when it's already too late and in most cases, the system was off for weeks.  


Sharpvue ensures you're aware of many types of failures to include bandwidth, video upload, camera disconnection and even camera reconnection.